5 Facts That Can Make You Feel Better About Declaring Bankruptcy

The thought of filing for bankruptcy can make you feel like a terrible failure. It can be overwhelming, depressing and downright horrifying. You may be afraid that you'll never again have good credit, that everyone will know that you can't pay your bills or that you'll have to sell everything you own, including your home, to pay your creditors. Declaring bankruptcy might feel like the end of the world, but in reality, it can be the fresh start you really need. Read More 

Access Denied: When Can You Refuse Visitation?

Any time a marriage comes to an end, it's a difficult transition, particularly so with children involved. Not only are you having to work through the changes in your life, but you also have to help your child adjust and ensure that you provide a safe environment for him or her. Although most courts aim to preserve the rights of both parents in terms of visitation and access to the children, that isn't always in a child's best interest. Read More 

Young People And Energy Drinks: Why Parents May Struggle To File A Lawsuit

With sales growth of 5,000 percent since 1999, energy drinks are now almost as popular as coffee in the United States. Energy drinks appeal to lots of people, but the caffeine-rich beverages are particularly popular with students craving alertness, who are also potentially vulnerable to the side effects that these products can have. Unfortunately, if your son or daughter suffers a serious injury due to energy drink consumption, you may find it difficult to file a lawsuit. Read More 

Anyone For Buttered Cigarettes? The Bizarre And Dangerous Injuries That Zolpidem Tartrate Can Cause

According to the National Sleep Foundation, around 30 percent of Americans suffer with some form of sleep disruption. Conditions like insomnia can lead to dangerous side effects during the day, and 10 percent of people who have trouble sleeping also suffer with functional impairment during the day. In cases of chronic insomnia, doctors will sometimes prescribe medications that can help people get the sleep they need, but some drugs can cause dangerous side effects. Read More 

5 Social Security Changes Coming In 2015

Social Security effects most of the people in the United States. Whether you are paying into Social Security or collecting from it, you should stay involved, talk to people such as Todd East Attorney at Law, and understand any changes that the government makes to Social Security. Next month it will be 2015 and a handful of changes will be made to Social Security. Here are 5 changes coming in 2015 that you should be aware of. Read More