Did Undue Influence Affect Your Loved One’s Will? 4 Indicators

Do you have reason to believe that a loved one or family member was unduly influenced when drafting their will? This is a particularly difficult challenge for anyone in your position, as it involves financial, legal, and emotional turmoil. But what is undue influence, and how can you prove it to the probate court? To help you answer these questions, here are the four elements generally involved in will-contest litigation.  Read More 

Do You Need A Probate Lawyer If A Matter Isn’t Going To Probate?

The idea of hiring a probate lawyer if an estate isn't going to probate might sound silly. However, there are compelling reasons why parties to an estate might want to bring in a probate attorney. These four issues are the most compelling. Process When people say that an estate isn't going to probate, that's not strictly true in the legal sense. Every estate goes to probate. The question is more about how much time it will spend in front of a probate judge at a hearing. Read More 

How 247 Bail Bond Services Can Help You To Quickly Get Out Of Jail After An Arrest

Most police arrests find people unaware because not many people anticipate a situation where they will spend some time in jail. So, when arrested for an allegation of any offense, the first thing that likely comes to mind is how soon you'll be out of jail. One of the quickest ways to get out of jail is using the services of a 24/7 bail bondsman; that's someone who specializes in providing a surety bond, i. Read More