So You’ve Been Involved In A Hit And Run…Now What?

If you've ever had the misfortune of being in a hit and run auto accident, you probably felt angry, confused, and anxious. Unfortunately, one thing you shouldn't feel after such an event is lonely--almost 35 people are involved in a hit and run accident each day in Miami-Dade county alone!  That means it's vital for every motorist to understand what to do if they're involved in a hit and run collision. Read More 

Witnessed A Car Accident? 3 Things You Need To Know

Witnessing a car accident can be shocking and upsetting. If you were close enough to the accident to see what happened, then it's possible you only narrowly escaped being involved in the accident yourself. At a moment like that, it can be hard to think clearly and decide what to do next. Are you required to stop and help, or call the police? Do you have to share your name and contact information with the police or the people involved? Read More 

Can You Receive Social Security Benefits If In A Same-Sex Marriage?

If you've recently been denied for Social Security or Medicare benefits after trying to collect on a spouse's work record, you may be exploring your options. If you and your spouse are of the same legal gender, this process can become more complicated. Although an ever-growing number of states will legally solemnize and recognize marriages between same-sex partners, the federal government has been a bit slower to act. However, this may soon be changing with the reintroduction of the Social Security and Medicare Parity Act (SSMPA). Read More 

5 Facts That Can Make You Feel Better About Declaring Bankruptcy

The thought of filing for bankruptcy can make you feel like a terrible failure. It can be overwhelming, depressing and downright horrifying. You may be afraid that you'll never again have good credit, that everyone will know that you can't pay your bills or that you'll have to sell everything you own, including your home, to pay your creditors. Declaring bankruptcy might feel like the end of the world, but in reality, it can be the fresh start you really need. Read More 

Access Denied: When Can You Refuse Visitation?

Any time a marriage comes to an end, it's a difficult transition, particularly so with children involved. Not only are you having to work through the changes in your life, but you also have to help your child adjust and ensure that you provide a safe environment for him or her. Although most courts aim to preserve the rights of both parents in terms of visitation and access to the children, that isn't always in a child's best interest. Read More