How A Construction Attorney Can Help You When You Hire A Contractor

If you are planning on hiring a contractor to build a home, renovate your existing home, build a commercial structure, or do just about anything else for you, then you might want to work with a construction lawyer. It might not really seem necessary to get a lawyer involved when you are working with a contractor directly, particularly if your project seems fairly straightforward and if you have chosen a contractor who you think you can trust to do a good job. Read More 

Balancing Malpractice Liability Risk And Sharing Patient Safety Data

In an era in which patients are gaining more control over their medical data, some hospital groups are fighting in court to retain control of certain patient data in medical malpractice suits.  Federal and state laws are increasingly conflicting on rights to medical data. Consequently, as a hospital group, you could confront the following dilemma: balancing patient rights to medical data with your data confidentiality rights to promote patient safety. How you proceed, say medical malpractice case advisors, could compromise patient safety. Read More 

Your First DUI: What To Expect

Courts typically do not drop DUI charges after arrests occur. Instead, they settle the cases through trials or plea bargains. When a person faces a first DUI charge, the court will impose consequences, but the consequences become worse for people who experience repeat DUI convictions. If this is the first one you have faced, here are several things you should expect. The Court May Offer a Plea One of the most common ways courts settle criminal cases is through plea bargains, which is true for most first DUI charges. Read More 

Am I Considered An Employee For The Purpose Of Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Employees who are injured while at work have the right to seek compensation for their injuries. However, you might be wondering if you are actually classified as an employee or if you have another classification. Some workers are considered independent contractors. You will need to determine if you should technically be classified as an employee even if you believe you are not. There Are Many Types of Employees An employee is not simply someone who works for a company in the long-term. Read More 

Reasons To Modify A Custody Agreement To Change Physical Custody

During your original divorce proceeding, it may have been decided that your former spouse would receive physical custody of your children at the time. While this arrangement has worked for quite some time, you may be looking to modify the custody agreement to seek physical custody. Here are some valid reasons you can use to have a judge change the agreement. Your Former Spouse Is Relocating The other parent may have won physical custody at first because they were staying in the same area and it would not disrupt your children's lives that much. Read More