Do You Need An Attorney To Get Divorced?

Are you facing divorce? You are probably tempted to go it alone. But before you do so, read on.


Both of you have to agree to mediation. In this case you choose a mediator who will manage negotiations on matters related to the divorce such as child support and custody. He will help you to reach an amicable solution without going to court.

If you and your spouse are unable to agree, you may be headed to the courts. Going it alone has some advantages.

DIY divorce

You are in charge of the process and its duration. You will also save money in legal costs. However, you should only consider this option if your case is uncomplicated and there are no issues, such as assets or custody, to battle over. However, if your case is complicated, you are better off hiring an attorney.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

They will protect your Rights

The intervention of a divorce law firm will ensure you are not short-changed and that you get what you deserve. You may be entitled to more than what is offered by  

a 50-50 split but, because you don't know it, you may miss out on it.

An attorney will help sort out any complicated issues such as debt, child custody, alimony, distribution of property, etc.

Expert Advice

Your divorce attorney is familiar with your state's divorce laws, rules, regulations, and procedures. They will be able to advise you accordingly.

Hiring an attorney will also help you to avoid costly mistakes. Since you do not know the legal system and how things work, it is advisable to hire someone who does.

Clear Communication

You do not know the legal jargon. You are therefore in danger of being misunderstood. Hiring an attorney will ensure that the message passed in the documents is the intended message.


There's a lot of paperwork involved in the divorce process. Your attorney will help with the paperwork and help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Less Stress

Divorce is already stressful as it is; and emotionally draining. Your emotions could cloud your judgment.

Hiring an attorney takes the stress off the process. As a third party, your divorce attorney is not emotionally involved, has a clearer head and is able to make sober, rational decisions.

The path you choose to end your marriage is entirely up to you. Consider the pros and cons of each approach as well as the unique circumstances of your case.

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