2 Things Your Criminal Defense Attorney Wants You To Know

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a very stressful event. If this has happened to you or your family member, you must hire a criminal defense attorney to help you. You have the right to have an attorney appearing on your side defending you, and it's definitely something that you should take advantage of. There are some things that any potential attorney would want you to know from the very start of the process. 

Stay Quiet  

When you are arrested, you are told that you have the right to an attorney and you have the right to be silent. This is an excellent time to stand on your rights and stay silent. The one thing that you should say is that you want an attorney and then say nothing else. Any time you are asked a question, answer by saying you want an attorney or stay quiet. Don't even answer random, seemingly innocuous questions because the police can use that as a way to get you to answer more questions. It may take some time for your attorney to get to you, and you may get a public defender at that point until you can get your own attorney, but staying quiet is probably your best move here. 

Police Can Be Tricky

You should also know that the police can be tricky. They can lie to you and try to trick you to get you to answer their questions and confess to whatever crime you are accused of. This is part of the reason that you should stay quiet, because the police can use your answers to any question, even one as simple as asking if you want a drink, to try to tell you that you gave up your right to be silent, so you might as well just answer all their questions. When they ask you questions, they will also ask the same question in different ways to try to get you to answer or to answer differently. This is why you need your attorney. They will be familiar with all those tricks and can help you navigate them and keep you from being tripped up.  

If you have been arrested, you need an attorney who can stand with you and defend you. They will fight for you when you are in court, try to win your case, and ensure you aren't found guilty. Your attorney will want you to know a few things from the beginning of the process. 

For more info, consult a criminal defense lawyer.