3 Instances When Your Company Should Hire a Trademark Attorney

Trademarks are a valuable asset for your business, but they can be difficult to acquire and manage. This is because there are many ways to use the mark, and your competitors may already be using it. In addition, an application for a trademark can take months or even years to complete. When dealing with matters concerning trademarks it's important to work with an experienced professional in the field to help you navigate through the complex processes and laws. A trademark attorney can help you protect your company's brand name and reputation. The following are three instances when your business should hire a trademark attorney:

When You Want to Trademark Your Brand Name or Logo

It's important that your new product has a unique name and symbol so that people know it's yours and not someone else's. If you're registering the name or symbol with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you'll need to provide proof that it's not already in use by someone else and show that it's distinctive enough for your product or service. Trademark attorneys can help you through the registration process. It's important to do this as soon as possible — if you wait too long, another company may trademark the name or logo and could prevent you from using it.

When Other Companies Use Your Brand Name Without Permission

In addition to being able to protect your own trademarks, trademark attorneys can help you enforce your rights against other companies who have used similar marks in commerce without asking for permission first. For example, if another company uses the same name as yours but doesn't pay for it, or legally registers its product with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), you can take legal action against them for using false advertising or unfair competition tactics. This could lead to costly litigation or an injunction preventing further misuse of your brand name or logo. A trademark attorney will assist with all aspects of this process from filing suit to ensuring proper representation in court proceedings. 

When Accused of Infringing on Other's Trademark's Right

A trademark infringement case is a serious matter, and it can be difficult to navigate. If you or your company is accused of infringing on another party's trademark, you will want to hire a legal professional who has experience with this type of case. A trademark attorney will be able to help you determine whether the other party has any evidence that they might use against you in court, and know how to defend your rights as well as those of your company.

Trademark law is complex, with many rules and regulations that can be confusing, especially if you have no experience in the field. As such, a trademark attorney can help you navigate these laws and make sure that everything is in order. If you are dealing with either of the above circumstances or other trademark-related issues, you should contact an attorney today to help you through the process.