3 Qualities That A Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Should Have

You perhaps had a promotional event where your boss or fellow employee made you extremely uncomfortable with sexual advances or innuendos, or they sexually harassed you in the office. Did you know you can sue them or file a lawsuit against them? Employees face a lot of challenges in their workplace, but sexual harassment is perhaps the worst of them all. As an employee, it's good to know that sexual assault could be physical or verbal or in the form of sexual favors that could later lead to an offensive or hostile work environment. If you happen to be a victim, hire a workplace sexual harassment law professional to fight for your rights. But even as you hire one, you should ensure they have the following qualities.

They Should Be Compassionate 

Any sexual harassment victim is usually mentally disturbed and distressed. They are also, in most cases, unable to control their emotions because the pain associated with sexual assault is generally unbearable. So as a victim, you should hire a lawyer who will apply a compassionate approach in your case. The lawyer should be empathetic because you will share sensitive details regarding your situation with them. They should show concern because most sexual assault victims are usually mentally tortured. So don't hire someone who doesn't understand your pain because you could eventually get more hurt.

They Should Have Good Listening Skills

Sexual assault cases are delicate. For this reason, you should hire a workplace sexual harassment lawyer who can attentively listen to you and understand your situation, lest they get it wrong. The lawyer should have excellent listening skills so they can effectively argue out your case in court. In fact, a good lawyer should know what to tell a sexual assault victim and when to do it. They should listen carefully and only say something when it's necessary. It's good to know that the lawyer will not listen to you only; they will also listen to other parties such as the judge, their colleagues, and the harasser. So if they have poor listening skills, they will not handle your case properly.

They Should Be Analytical

Always hire workplace sexual harassment lawyers with indisputable analytical ability. Sexual harassment cases are often sensitive, and they require someone who can make a logical and reasonable conclusion. A competent lawyer should use logical reasoning even with scanty or minimal information. They should be able to establish the weak points and strengths of your case and apply a critical approach when analyzing judgments. If your sexual assault case has several options, the lawyer should evaluate them and pick the most appropriate one.