Amputation Caused By An Infection? Your Doctor May Be To Blame

You experienced a minor injury on an arm or leg that you had to go to a hospital to manage. However, you somehow walked out of the facility without that limb due to an infection. This situation is very likely the doctor's fault and you need to seriously consider a personal injury lawsuit against them.

Improper Treatment May Lead to Limb Loss

It may seem nearly impossible for some people to imagine a scenario in which they lose a limb, but it happens all the time. Unfortunately, this situation may develop because a doctor wasn't careful about the way that they diagnosed a problem and opened up their patient to infections.

When infections spread rapidly enough throughout your limb – particularly dangerous issues such as flesh-eating bacteria – you may find yourself losing some or even all of your limb to save your life. This situation may take you out of the workplace or cause other problems for the rest of your life.

As a result, you need to seriously consider pursuing a personal injury case against the doctor who injured you in this way. A malpractice lawsuit is a great way to ensure that you are compensated for your suffering but you need to make sure you can prove that the doctor is to blame.

Proving Your Case

Your doctor may try to shift blame in a malpractice case and say that you improperly cared for your injury and caused your infection. This situation can be frustrating and typically requires a second outside medical opinion from someone who can examine the case and say, without a doubt, that your doctor was negligent.

That negligence is important to prove because your whole case will hinge around it. Your doctor has to have behaved in a way that did not provide you with proper care. For example, they may have given you an improper antibiotic or simply missed the infection when it was very obvious and given you no care at all.

At this point, you need to prove that the doctor's action – such as poor diagnose or improper treatment – caused your injury. Talk to nurses who were tracking your case at the time and see if they will testify that your health was fine until the doctor failed to catch your infection or improperly treated you.

Though this type of case may seem hard – and may be emotional to many in this situation – you need to work with a personal injury attorney to get the compensation that you deserve. Nobody deserves to suffer because their doctor was incompetent and did not properly handle their diagnosis.