Red Flags Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Going To Need A Lawyer

If you get injured at work and you are an employee of the facility, you are entitled to workers' compensation. However, there are ways your employer may try to get around paying you the funds you need for lost work hours and medical bills, and with their access to a business attorney, you may end up with a workers' compensation case that isn't so cut and dry.

If you see any of the following red flags when applying for workers' comp, you need to get a lawyer specializing in this service as soon as you can. The right lawyer will fight for your case, help get it approved more quickly, and assist you in getting the funds you need.

Your employer is stalling

Have you filled out all the workers' compensation paperwork, including witness reports, and your employer hasn't turned them in yet? Since there may be a deadline as to when you can apply for workers' compensation from the date of your injury, you don't want any type of stalling. If your employer is beating around the bush helping you submit the paperwork you need, then you need a lawyer to negotiate and mediate the process for you.

You have a weaker case

The more you can prove your work site injury with witness reports, doctor statements, and other documentation, the greater chance you have of getting your workers' compensation claim approved on the first attempt. If you have a weaker case, you may get initially denied, which can be costly and time-consuming as you go longer and longer without work and funds for medical bills.

Since it's hard to fill out all the paperwork correctly and stay on top of a workers' compensation application all on your own, it's wise to hire a lawyer to assist you. Your claim will be strengthened with the right legal assistance so you get the ball rolling and hopefully get approved much sooner.

Your employer is blaming you

Your employer has little leg to stand on in denying workers' compensation rights to you, but this doesn't mean they won't try. If your employer suspects you of foul play, drug use, or being injured off the job site, they may use their access to legal counsel to delay or outright deny your case. This can be detrimental to your success if you don't have a lawyer, but if you hire a workers' compensation attorney, you have your own legal rebuttal for this type of activity.

For more information, talk to a workers' compensation lawyer near you.