Recovering Damages For Injuries From A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can leave you with injuries that make it hard to function from day to day. Enduring pain from the injuries you received should not be accepted, and if another party caused the accident, you need to work with their insurance company to try and recover damages. 

Contacting the Insurance Companies 

If you were hospitalized after the accident, you need to talk to the insurance company as soon as you know what injuries you have and what the prognosis is. If the crash is deemed to be the other driver's fault, their insurance is going to be the one to cover your bills. If they give you a hard time about doing that, you may need to get a lawyer involved and take them to court. 

Hiring an Experienced Accident Lawyer

If you feel that you need a lawyer to help you win your case, find one that is familiar with auto accident claims and that can help you get the insurance company to cover your bills. Your lawyer will contact the insurance company and let them know what they need to pay or that you are going to court. The insurance company will more than likely not take the case that far because they do not want to have to pay court and legal fees as well. 

Going to Court

If the insurance company refuses to settle the claim, your lawyer will file suit against them after reviewing all the details of the accident. They will likely ask for damages that are higher than they expect to get but that gives the courtroom to lower the amount awarded to you. It is also an excellent way to get the insurance company's lawyer to want to settle out of court. If they feel you have a case, the insurance company may be worried about the amount of money they could be ordered to pay and may offer a settlement just before the trial. 

Paying Your Lawyer

Many car accident lawyers work on a percentage basis and will only charge you if they win the case for you. The upside of this for the client is that the lawyer will not agree to take the case if they are not sure they can win. They may take a chance once in a while, but in most cases, this system only benefits them if they are winning cases. If your lawyer has agreed to take your claim under this basis, it is a good indicator that they are going to work hard to win the case and that they believe they can get you the damages you are seeking.