How Doctor Appointments Can Build A SSD Case

When making a claim for Social Security disability, the key to having it approved will be through your visits to the doctor. Each visit gives you a chance to build a solid case that will not be denied. Keep these things in mind during your visits to the doctor.

Consider How You Answer Questions

You must always answer honestly when being asked questions by the doctor, and you should keep this in mind during each and every visit. You are going to the doctor for a disability, so you should not downplay how you are feeling in any way.

For instance, even when greeting a doctor, they will ask how you're doing. The initial instinct is to say that you're doing fine, but if you were fine, then you wouldn't be visiting the doctor. While it is normal to have a good or bad day with a chronic condition, always make sure to let a doctor know about your highs and your lows. You may be doing fine on the day of the appointment, but do not forget to mention how you may not have been doing so great a few days earlier.

Do not exaggerate symptoms. Not only is it not truthful, but a doctor or nurse can see through your claims. Always be honest with your condition so that there is a record of your pain and discomfort.

Write Down What You Want To Say

Visits with the doctor can be short, and all of the things you want to talk about may be forgotten about in a rush to get you out of the office. It will help to write down key information so that you can read through it with your doctor. It is the best way to ensure that you do not forget anything.

It helps to categorize your concerns into several categories. Start with pain, by letting your doctor know if pain is severe, constant, or if it cannot be controlled. Side effects are also important, which could occur due to medication you are taking. Being tired, dizzy, nauseous, or irritable are all reasons that could cause a doctor to recommend new medications. Finally, let your doctor know that you are complying with the treatment. Tell them how you have taking steps to do all of their recommendations since the last visit.

These tips should help you build a solid case. It will also help to work with a lawyer that deals with social security disability claims.