How to Increase Your Chances of Having Your Social Security Disability Claim Approved

Having a Social Security disability claim approved can be difficult to do, but it is not impossible. However, to give yourself the best chance, you have to be very careful about how you approach your treatment and condition. You can't just say that you're having trouble and need disability -- the Social Security Administration has specific requirements, and you have to be sure you meet all of them.

Follow All of Your Doctor's Recommendations

You have to follow all of your doctor's recommendations. If you don't, and you claim to be disabled, the Social Security Administration could easily dismiss your claim. By not listening to your doctor, you look like you're avoiding treatments that could possibly help you not be disabled. But if you follow all the advice your doctor gives you, then you look like you're trying and are honestly reporting your situation.

Ensure Your Treatment Is Conventionally Accepted

Despite the growth in popularity of alternative treatments, using a conventional treatment may increase your chances of success. Conventional treatments tend to have better data supporting their outcomes and uses, making it easier for the Social Security Administration to understand why your doctor has claimed you qualify for disability payments.

Follow All the Required Tests and Instructions From Social Security

Social Security has to ensure you're truly who you say you are and in the condition you claim to be in. That means the administration will have you jump through hoops. Follow instructions without complaining. It might seem annoying now, but the more thorough you are, the better your application will look.

Try to Use the Online Application

Online application websites aren't always perfect, but they do have one big advantage: legibility. When you turn in a handwritten application, there's the chance that the people reviewing the application could misread your writing, or they could lose a page. With an online application, words are clearly legible, and the reviewers can print extra copies if need be. If you still happen to have a typewriter and think typing the application will work, you can try that, but be aware that pages can be lost from those, too.

If the worst happens and your claim is denied, speak with lawyers like Bruce K Billman who know how to approach the appeals process. Your chances of winning do go up when you appeal. If you don't do anything, you've got a guaranteed chance of not winning, so don't give up.