On Your Second Marriage? Share These 3 Philosophies & Don’t Forget the Prenup

If you are about to enter into your second marriage, you should be aware that the statistics for divorces in second marriages are shockingly high. Approximately 67% of second marriages end in divorce, but you might be able to beat the odds if you and your soon-to-be spouse share the same philosophies about marriage. You could also consider hiring a divorce attorney to create a prenuptial agreement for you just to protect yourself if you end up going through a divorce later on.

3 important philosophies about marriage

If you and your future spouse share the following three philosophies about marriage, you might be able to avoid getting divorced in the future.

1. Sharing the same values

While they say that opposites attract, healthy marriages often require sharing the same values in life. For example, if you are religious, finding someone that shares the same beliefs can only help your marriage. In addition to religious values, your marriage may have a better chance of success if you both have similar views on forgiveness, humility, love, and honesty.

Having similar values can also apply to the way you and your partner handle and raise the kids involved. These might be your kids or your partner's kids, or you could have both. The key to successful second marriages involving kids is having the same values in how they are raised and disciplined. It also helps when you share common values on chores, attitudes, and expectations for the kids.

2. The order of priority

Life is busy and chaotic, which makes it hard for married couples to develop and grow their relationships, but this problem can be alleviated by thoroughly prioritizing the things in your life. Having a strong, successful marriage will require both of you to put the marriage first. This means that it comes before your job, your household duties, your friends, and even your kids.

Finding a spouse that shares this belief may reduce your risk of divorce occurring in your second marriage. If both of you put each other first, it will show your commitment to the relationship and to each other.

3. The art of communicating

Communication is one of the most vital aspects of healthy marriages. When couples have good communication skills, they may have a better chance of staying together. Communicating involves many things, but it has two key components:

  1. It gives people the freedom to say how they feel, what they desire, and what they need.
  2. It allows people the ability to listen to another person's feelings and show empathy for those feelings.

If you both believe in good communication and are able to talk to each other about everything, you may be able to have a thriving, healthy marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can help

Even if you can agree on these three values, it's often better to get it in writing. Getting a prenuptial agreement from a divorce attorney does not mean you think you might get divorced, and it does not prevent you from getting a divorce. It is done simply for protection in the event that the marriage ends in divorce. Prenuptials are often used in second marriages for these three reasons:

  1. To protect the assets of each spouse
  2. To ensure that a person's children receive the inheritances they are entitled to
  3. To avoid being held responsible for another person's debt

Even if you are 100% sure your marriage will last, getting a prenuptial agreement is still a good idea. Second marriages can be harder than first marriages, but they do not have to end in divorce. If you would like to protect yourself and your kids, visit resources like http://www.kamesquire-com.webs.com to find out more about prenuptial agreements.