From Inattentive Drivers To Flying Surfboards: Identifying A Culprit After A Car Accident

After a car accident, you may be saddled with expensive repairs and medical bills, and in some cases, your injuries may even prevent your from working. If you are in that situation, a car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Through mediation or court, these professionals prove that another party was at fault, and they get that party's insurance company to pay for the damages.

In many cases, an attorney from a firm like Hinkle Law Offices proves that another driver is at fault, but in other cases, there may be another culprit. Here is a look at five car accident culprits:

1. Driver Inattention

Authorities in Maine claim that a recent car accident was caused by driver inattention. While approaching a construction site, one driver did not see a motorcycle that was parked on the side of the road waiting to be flagged forward by a construction worker. The driver hit that motorcycle, forcing him up onto a boat trailer. A skilled car accident attorney can argue that the inattentive driver was negligent and thus responsible for your expenses and suffering.

2. Construction Companies

However, when a car accident attorney gets involved with a case like the one described above, he or she may not just look at the inattentive driver. Instead, the attorney may look at the construction site as well. If the area was not signed properly or if the construction workers were not trained in how to direct traffic, the lawyer may be able to prove that the construction company was responsible for the accident.

3. Stressful Occupations

In some cases, the culprit may not even be at the scene of the accident. For example, if an attorney can prove that the other driver's employer made him or her work unsafe hours without letting him or her sleep, it may be possible to assign blame to the employer. That could make it easier for you to get compensated.

According to new research in the United Kingdom, careers do matter when it comes to road accidents. In fact, nine out of ten of the professionals who are most likely to crash, work in healthcare. A car accident attorney might not be able to prove that another driver hit you simply because he or she is a doctor, but the attorney may be able to argue that extenuating factors were at play.

4. Flying Surfboards

Recently in Devon in the United Kingdom, a injurious vehicle crash was caused not by inattentive drivers or people in stressful jobs. Instead, the crash was caused by flying surfboards. The surfboards were attached to a car, and when they flew off, it caused one driver to swerve into the path of another driver.

If another vehicle inadvertently dropped its load and caused you to crash, a car accident attorney can prove that driver was at fault. If the driver loaded everything correctly, the manufacturer of the cargo rack or the cargo straps may be help liable.

5. Melting Dashboards

In other cases, it's not the manufacturer of the cargo straps but the manufacturer of the car itself that could be responsible for the accident. In Florida, for example, melting dashboards have recently caused four accidents. As the dashboards begin to melt, they create a glare that makes it hard to see through the windshield.

If you are in a crash caused by a melting dashboard or any other manufacturer defect, a car accident attorney will argue that the accident was the fault of the car manufacturer, and that company may be forced to pay for your expenses and emotional damages.

If you have been in a car accident, it's time to identify the culprit and get the compensation you deserve. Contact a car accident attorney today to talk about your case.